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Posted: Nov 9, 2014  Reporter: Staff

South Gwinnett's White, Smith to sign with college baseball programs

South Gwinnett baseball players Eriq White and Chad Smith will sign letters of intent with college programs Nov. 17 at 3 p.m. in the Comets’ media center.

White will sign with Alabama State and Smith will sign with Georgia.


Montrell Marshall
12th Round Cincinnati Reds


2014 All-Region 8AAAAAA Baseball Team

Player of the Year – Austin Collins – Dacula

Pitcher of the Year – Mac Marshall - Parkview

Team of the Year – Parkview

Coach of the Year – Chan Brown - Parkview

1st Team Position Players
Curtis Terry - Archer
Mickey Creighton – Brookwood
Mason Leblanc – Brookwood
Nick Mollica – Dacula
Tyler Knight - Grayson
Daino Deas – Parkview
Brandon Hill – Parkview
Myles Smith - Shiloh
Chad Smith – South Gwinnett

1st Team Pitchers
Sean Fitzpatrick - Archer
Nick Marquez - Brookwood
Drew Buschman – Grayson
Chander Amason - Grayson
Christian Vann - Parkview

2nd Team Position Players
EJ Ranel – Archer  
Jharol DeLaRosa – Berkmar
Brock Baughcum – Brookwood
Daniel Valdes – Central Gwinnett
Roy Clackum – Central Gwinnett
Garrett Medley – Dacula
Andrew Falgiano – Grayson
David Stinson – Grayson
Jordan Kelly – Parkview
Austin Exford – Shiloh
Dominique Jackson – South Gwinnett

2nd Team Pitchers
Jack Peeples - Dacula
Noah Albury - Brookwood
Isiah Gilliam - Parkview
Gilberto Lopez - Shiloh
Mikey Lee – South Gwinnett


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