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            Gov. Kay Ivey meets her adorable Halloween double

            The two governors

            Gov. Kay Ivey stands behind Cate McGriff at the governor's desk in Montgomery, Ala., Friday, Oct. 30, 2020.

            For a little while this afternoon, Alabama had two governors.

            One was Kay Ivey, clad in her red power suit and Auburn face mask. But joining her in the office was nine-year-old Cate McGriff, a fourth grader from Etowah County’s John Jones Elementary, in a matching suit and mask.

            McGriff caught the eye of the governor when a photo of her in costume as Ivey was shared by her aunt Tuesday.

            Ivey met with McGriff this afternoon, “and their discussion was certainly wide-ranging and productive,” according to Gina Maiola, Ivey’s press secretary. Cate was joined by her parents and two siblings, Claire and Sam.

            “The governor and Cate covered everything from school to their love of dogs,” she said.

            the two governors

            Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, at left, meets Cate McGriff, a fourth grader from John Jones Elementary whose costume got attention.

            McGriff told the governor her favorite subject in school is math, and that she wants to attend Auburn University as Ivey did, to study engineering. Ivey told her to keep working hard on her math.

            Cate got to stand behind the lectern in the Old House Chamber, where she had seen Ivey give her COVID-19 updates. Ivey told McGriff that, when she was a young intern for Gov. Lurleen Wallace, the governor had given her a chance to sit at the governor’s desk. Ivey then asked McGriff if she would like to do the same.

            Kay Ivey

            Kay Ivey, future governor of Alabama, sits behind the desk of Gov. Lurleen Wallace, while she was an intern in this undated photo.