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            ‘Down in Alabama’: ‘Safer at Home’ tweaks, vaccine heroes and Tuscaloosa recounting

            From today’s Down in Alabama podcast:

            The U.S. hopes to land on the moon again by 2024.

            Human beings can remotely fly a hunk of aluminum to Mars and drive it around and learn nearly as much about the red surface as Gene Ragan could tell you about Wiregrass dirt.

            And I can use my phone to video my little girl riding a horse in Lincoln, Alabama, and two minutes later her grandma is watching it in Walton County, Florida.

            But when it comes to counting ballots, well, sometimes it takes us a while.

            As ballot-counting continues in precincts around the nation, there was a small issue that required some extra time in an Alabama county.

            Fortunately, our slowdown was a technical hiccup that officials were able to overcome. On today’s podcast episode we talk about that issue, as well as changes the governor made to the “Safer at Home” order and the search for vaccine volunteers.

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