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            Huntsville reveals drawings for new $60 million city hall

            new huntsville city hall rendering

            Rendering of new Huntsville city hall presented at Nov. 5, 2020, council meeting. The city hall will be located on Fountain Row across from the current city hall and on the footprint of the current city hall parking garage. (City of Huntsville image)

            The city of Huntsville on Thursday unveiled renderings of a new city hall planned for start of construction in 2021, revealing a modern home for the government of the city that could be the largest in Alabama by the time construction is completed.

            City officials have previously projected a price tag of about $60 million for the new building. The city council has not yet signed off on releasing the funds for the building but that approval is expected.

            The new city hall will be located on the footprint of the city parking garage on Fountain Row that’s across the street from the current city hall. It’s also catty-corner to the Madison County Courthouse.

            new huntsville city hall rendering

            A rendering of the proposed new city hall in Huntsville, which will be located on Fountain Row across from current city hall. Renderings presented Nov. 5, 2020, during presentation from architects Goodwin, Mills & Cawood. (City of Huntsville image).

            Architects Goodwyn, Mills and Cawood are designing the building and the city’s General Services director, Ricky Wilkinson, said that design is about 30 to 35 percent complete.

            Plans call for construction to begin next week and be completed by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, Wilkinson said.

            Jeff Slaton of GMC said that feedback led architects to design a “modern and efficient building that’s larger in some ways than current building but didn’t want the scale of it to overpower what was in this area.”

            new huntsville city hall rendering

            Aerial view of rendering of new Huntsville city hall presented Nov. 5, 2020 to city council. The city hall is located catty-corner from Madison County Courthouse and across Fountain Row from current city hall. (City of Huntsville image)

            The new building will have seven levels with the main public entrance on Madison Street on the second level. Most departments that involve frequent interaction with the public will be located near the main entrance, Wilkinson said.

            The city has not made a determination about the future for the site of the current city hall, which overlooks Big Spring Park.

            This story will be updated.