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            Starbucks, Dunkin holiday cups 2020: Free cup, Munchkins deals

            Like sands through the hourglass, so are the seasons of Starbucks. And so it goes: Pumpkin spice latte season is drawing to an end, and commemorative holiday cup season is upon us.

            The international coffee behemoth will debut the 2020 edition of its annual holiday red cup Friday As a preview, it released promotional images Thursday showing four different designs in this year’s lineup.

            Eager guests can also grab a reusable edition: Starbucks will include a plastic travel cup Friday for free, while supplies last, with the purchase of a beverage.

            As Starbucks regulars know, the festive designs will adorn the company’s paper cups throughout the holiday season.

            Another coffee powerhouse, Dunkin' Donuts, also introduced its holiday cups recently. The Dunkin' cups, admittedly, do not carry the same kind of cultural import as Starbucks' holiday vessels, but they are uniquely festive.

            This year’s cups feature the word “Cheersin'” emblazoned across the cup, presumably a portmanteau of “cheers” and “Dunkin” that celebrates holiday cheer and the brand in just two syllables.

            There’s no reusable cup deal from Dunkin', but there will be a deal on Munchkins, with 10-count boxes available for $2 through Dec. 29.

            Now I can “cheersin” to that!


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