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            First Flight Works tours of Airbus assembly line now on offer

            Flight Works Alabama, Mobile’s new aerospace education and training facility, has quietly begun offering tours of a nearby Airbus Final Assembly line -- but act fast if you’re interested, because opportunities in 2020 will be limited.

            Tours have always been a part of the plan for Flight Works. When the facility opened in August it included a tour waiting area, though tours weren’t offered immediately.

            Without any great fanfare, Flight Works recently announced on social media that it had begun taking reservations for a limited number of tours planned for Saturday, Nov. 14. As of Thursday morning, some spots remained open on those tours. Thursday afternoon, a Flight Works representative said it plans to open more tours on Dec. 5.

            Kayley Robinson, Flight Works' marketing and communications manager, said the need for COVID-19 precautions has made it hard to commit to a full regular schedule of tours. That’ll probably come in 2021; in the meantime, a limited number of tours will help Flight Works gauge the level of demand among the public.

            Tour tickets can be purchased at flightworksalabama.com. As this story was published, only reservations on Nov. 14 were available. Dec. 5 openings were expected to be listed Friday afternoon.

            They are limited to participants age 10 and older and are $23.50 per person. Participants are not allowed to take photos or videos; must go through a security check if 18 or older; and must be fit enough for a walking tour that includes four flights of stairs.

            A second FAL constructs the A220.

            The main building at the Airbus Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Ala., has room for four jetliners to sit in line, with plenty of room. The jets advance across the workfloor as they progress through the stages of their assembly.Lawrence Specker/LSpecker@AL.com

            The tour includes stops at a transshipment hangar, where major component assemblies are stored after arriving from Europe, and at the Final Assembly Line (FAL) for A320-family jets. In the 836-foot long FAL hangar, jets pass through a series of stations where the wings, tail and fuselage are mated together and engines, interiors and other components are installed.

            For more information, visit www.flightworksalabama.com.